Departmental Bulletin Paper 〔研究ノート〕ウズラ卵ピータン調製における浸漬液組成の検討

秋山, 久美子

(926)  , pp.35 - 40 , 2017-12-05 , 昭和女子大学近代文化研究所
  The aim of this study was to determine the optimal composition of immersion liquid for producing pidan from quail eggs.  The author prepared immersion liquids containing 4 different alkaline chemicals: 5% sodium hydroxide, 5% sodium carbonate, 5% potassium hydroxide and strong alkaline water commercially available, each with 15% sodium chloride. One more liquid was prepared containing black tea leaves in the above sodium hydroxide with sodium chloride solution. Twenty quail eggs were immersed in each of the solutions for 8 days at 35℃.  The physical properties of the pidan did not show major differences due to the different immersion liquids tested. But the success rate was the highest in the liquid containing sodium hydroxide which suggests that sodium hydroxide is the most suitable for use as an alkali chemical.  The author also varied the salinity (10%, 15%, 20%) of the immersion liquids containing sodium hydroxide and divided them into two groups; one containing black tea leaves and the other without black tea leaves, and found that the products are improved with an increase in salinity. Higher salinity may promote protein denaturation in the presence of alkali chemicals. And immersion liquids without black tea leaves were more effective for producing pidan.

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