Departmental Bulletin Paper 〔報文〕非加熱および加熱調理時における高オレイン酸含有ひまわり油の感覚評価

横田, 茉優  ,  藤田, 夕貴  ,  三柴, 保奈美  ,  相馬, 邦彦  ,  大橋, きょう子

(926)  , pp.21 - 27 , 2017-12-01 , 昭和女子大学近代文化研究所
  Previous research has shown that high oleic sunflower oil (HOSO) that comes from sunflower seeds has high oxidative stability when heated. An article on the sensory characteristics of foods fried in HOSO suggested that they have a light, mild oil flavor. However, the sensory characteristics of HOSO used in foods that have not been fried have not been examined. We therefore investigated the sensory characteristics of HOSO when used in French dressing, mayonnaise, stir-fried foods, and deep-fried foods. For the testing, we used high oleic sunflower oil (89% oleic acid) and rapeseed oil from canola seeds for comparison. The results were as follows. French dressing and mayonnaise were not very greasy, each had a weak aftertaste, and sour and salty flavors were strong. Stir-fried eggplants were evaluated to have a mild oil odor and a light flavor. Stir-fried carrots were highly palatable. Deep-fried foods were highly evaluated as palatable, with a mild oil odor, weak aftertaste, mild greasiness, and a light flavor.

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