Departmental Bulletin Paper 日本語母語話者-英語母語話者間の初対面会話 における関係性の構築と交渉―English, Japan, Japaneseをめぐる相互行為の分析―

山本, 綾

(924)  , pp.(10) - (22) , 2017-10-01 , 昭和女子大学近代文化研究所
Abstract  This study explores how Japanese speakers(JS)and English speakers(ES)identify and categorize each other through face-to-face interactions in English. Fifty-four sets of paired conversations between JS and ES were examined using a conversation analytic approach(“membership categorization devices” by Sacks(1972a, b)). The results show that the following two types of dichotomous membership categories frequently emerge in conversation: a. Japanese vs. non-Japanese, and b. English teachers vs. English learners. A close observation of excerpts suggests that ES tend to oppose being defined as “non-Japanese” while JS are ambivalent about being continually corrected and encouraged to improve their English language abilities.

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