Departmental Bulletin Paper 中・高等学校校舎における 授業時間外の使われ方からみたゆとり空間の必要性

木村, 信之  ,  齋藤, 優里

(921)  , pp.19 - 42 , 2017-07-01 , 昭和女子大学近代文化研究所
  The authors attempted to confirm the necessity of free shared spaces at schools and researched the function of such spaces in four junior high and high schools where free shared spaces were intentionally planned and built about 30-35 years ago and are still being used today. We also distributed a questionnaire to 100 Showa Women’s University students, some of whom are graduates from the schools with free shared spaces mentioned above, asking about free spaces at their high schools: how they are used and what type of free space they felt they needed during out-of-class time while at high school.  Observation of the spaces at the four schools revealed the usefulness of the spaces as venues for communication among small groups of students. In addition, the researchers found that other spaces, like corridors and staircases, were also used as free shared spaces, that large free spaces were effectively used as venues for school events and for preparation for those events, and that free spaces near students’ home rooms were frequently used.  The results of the questionnaire also support the necessity of such spaces on the grounds that students’ satisfaction with their school life is related largely to school events, friendship, and club activities, and that satisfaction with the school buildings in which these activities take place correlates to the availability of these free spaces.

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