Departmental Bulletin Paper Ælfric の既婚聖人伝に見る女性像 : Chrysanthus and Daria をめぐって

島崎, 里子

Chrysanthus and Daria is one of the three couples of saints that Ælfric (c. 955 - c. 1010) treated in his Lives of Saints. Married saints were regarded as being trespassing on the boundary between the sacred and the secular in the monastic society of the 10th century England, where the virginity was thought to be the most valuable. It is noteworthy that Ælfric, who was a leader of the orthodoxy, dared to adopt the married saints as a theme of his religious texts. In order to explore his intention for this exceptional writing, this article examines how Ælfric translated the Latin original into Old English with his modification of the story of Chrysanthus and Daria, paying a special attention to his description of women.

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