Departmental Bulletin Paper フィンランドの幼児教育における音楽教育の 意義と実践 --ナショナル・カリキュラムと「音楽プレイスクール」をめぐって--
Aims and Practices of Music Education in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC)and Pre-primary Education in Finland: Their National Curriculums and the System of the Music Playschool

永岡, 都  ,  Miyako, Nagaoka

896pp.44 - 63 , 2015-06-01
This paper provides information on the music education system in early childhood education and care(ECEC)and pre-primary education in Finland. The researcher visited eight educational institutions in Helsinki and Espoo in 2014 and 2015, observed music classes of nursery schools and elementary schools, attended seminars at Sibelius Academy and University of Helsinki, interviewed professional educators, studied the curriculums of ECEC and pre-primary education, and analyzed the characteristics of these programs as follows. The objectives of education and learning in the curriculums of ECEC and pre-primary education are that children should be educated to become responsible members of the community, and both curriculums consider art, culture, and aesthetics in general, including musical experience and practice as essential. There are two aims: one is to give children means of self-expression through different forms of arts, and the other is to guide them to the entrance of the world of aesthetic and cultural values. The music playschool, which is a music education program for 0-6 year old children, plays a significant role as one among the educational and care services for infants in Finland. For instance, the city of Espoo has a system whereby music schools send professional music teachers to nursery schools. This is suggestive as an ideal example of music educators working within the public education system. The classes in the music playschools are carried out according to a systematic curriculum based on a theory of development of musical ability in children. The music playschool teachers, therefore, need to be very well informed in child development theories and psychology, and need to be creative in singing, playing instruments and in improvising.

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