Departmental Bulletin Paper 〔研究ノート〕グリーンナッツオイルの 抗アレルギー効果と脂肪酸組成

竹山, 恵美子  ,  新海, シズ  ,  花田, 悦穂  ,  吉田, 友理恵  ,  渡辺, 睦行  ,  福島, 正子

(914)  , pp.18 - 22 , 2016-12-01 , 昭和女子大学近代文化研究所
  The number of individuals with allergic disease has been increasing in recent years. One suspected reason for this increase is excessive consumption of n-6 fatty acids, which are contained at high levels in vegetable oils and meats. In contrast, n-3 fatty acids are believed to have an inhibitory effect on allergic disease. Various foods including blueback fish contain high levels of n-3 fatty acids. Green nut oil(GNO)also contains approximately 50% α-linoleic acid. Therefore, we investigated the inhibitory effect of GNO on atopic dermatitis.  Four-week-old male NC/Nga TndCrlj mice were divided into a GNO-treated group and a corn oil-treated(CO)group and reared for 7 weeks. Once a week, a picryl chloride solution was applied to the backs and auricles of the mice to induce allergic dermatitis.  Erythrocyte membrane and liver EPA and DHA contents were significantly higher in the GNO group compared to the CO group, suggesting that the EPA and DHA was converted from α-linoleic acid. Erythrocyte membrane and liver arachidonic acid contents were higher in the CO group. The progress of allergic disease was slower in the GNO group compared to the CO group. Blood serum IgE levels tended to be lower in the GNO group compared to the CO group, suggesting that GNO may have an anti-allergic effect.

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