Departmental Bulletin Paper 0,1歳児を担当する保育者が捉える保育所に通う子どもの食をめぐる問題 ―インタビュー調査から考える今後の食支援の課題―

遠藤, 純子  ,  小野, 友紀  ,  岩﨑, 淳子

(908)  , pp.9 - 24 , 2016-06-01 , 昭和女子大学近代文化研究所
  The purpose of this study was to consider various issues concerning the eating behaviors of infants at nursery schools. Ten childcare workers responsible for infants aged 0 and 1 year olds were interviewed; their responses were recorded, transcribed and analyzed.   The results suggested the possibility that parents who are excessively busy have negative attitudes about childcare, and that these attitudes have a negative effect on their children’s eating behaviors at home. A possible result of this may be children’s weak chewing ability, fussiness about food, and unbalanced diets.   The authors conclude that because of this sort of situation in children’s homes it is necessary to create support systems at nursery schools. In order to provide and cater for each infant’s need, nursery school teachers and staff must strive to understand the parents’ and infants’ current situations. In order to move toward such a proactive family support system, it is necessary to review the current nursery school operations and the staff-to-staff relationships as well as relationships with parents. Future tasks for nursery schools include more elaborate observation which will aid in finding better ways to coordinate what happens at school with what is happening in children’s homes.

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