Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学生の友人関係様式と友人関係における困難 および友人関係における方略の関連 -関係形成期と関係維持期に着目して-
Relationships among Undergraduates' Friendship Style, Difficulty in Friendship, and Friendship Strategy: The difference between the relation construction period and the maintenance period

満野, 史子  ,  今城, 周造

(904)  , pp.21 - 33 , 2016-02-01 , 昭和女子大学
This study investigates differences in the types of relationship difficulties which undergraduate students face and the strategies which they adopt in constructing and maintaining friendships. The influence of students' relationship strategies on their adjustments to university life was explored. Friendship difficulty and friendship strategy scales were administered to 234 undergraduate students(92 males and 142 females)to examine the difficulties they encountered and their strategies during relationship construction and maintenance, respectively. A friendship scale, interpersonal satisfaction scale, and stress response scale were also administered. Two-way(periods and friendship style)ANOVA analysis for relationship difficulties revealed that undergraduates with careful relationships during friendship construction experienced higher levels of difficulty due to psychological distance, worrying about impressions of others, and the problems the undergraduates have with careful relationships perceived in comparison with other groups. Undergraduates with careful relationships perceived less psychological distance and friendship difficulties during relationship maintenance than relationship construction. Friendship strategies did not change throughout friendship construction and maintenance. Multiple regressions revealed that passive involvements have a significant positive effect on stress responses, while active involvements have a significant positive effect on interpersonal satisfaction levels.

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