Departmental Bulletin Paper 特別養護老人ホームで働く介護職員の介護観とモラール -介護観尺度と自由記述を用いて-
Study on KAIGOKAN and morale of care workers -Comparison between KAIGOKAN scale and open-ended description-

山本, 未央 / 久世 淳子

21pp.61 - 69 , 2018-03-30 , 日本福祉大学健康科学部, 日本福祉大学健康科学研究所
 To compare the structure of KAIGOKAN, a survey using two measurements (KAIGOKAN scale and openended description) were conducted. This study, also investigates the relations between KAIGOKAN and morale. Sixty-eight care workers voluntarily answered the questionnaire by mail. The results of two measurements indicated that some categories, such as self-supporting care and client-centered care, were common; however, there are no categories related with family's opinions or rules and norms of the organization using open-ended description, and no categories related with ethics and client wishes using the scale. Regarding to the relations between KAIGOKAN and morale, Reflection and Evaluation of Care increases the sense of fulfillment and work-fellowship.

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