Departmental Bulletin Paper 統合失調症患者の発散的思考・収束的思考課題における検査成績の特徴
Characteristics of patients with schizophrenia based on divergent and convergent thinking task outcomes

中村, 泰久 / 穴水 幸子 / 山中 武彦 / 石井 文康 / 三村 將\n

21pp.25 - 35 , 2018-03-30 , 日本福祉大学健康科学部, 日本福祉大学健康科学研究所
 Based on the test outcomes of divergent and convergent thinking tasks, we examined the characteristics of patients with schizophrenia through an intergroup comparison with a control group, as well as through an intragroup comparison. The study involved the schizophrenia group and healthy control group. Both groups were administered the divergent thinking tasks, and convergent thinking tasks. Psychological symptoms were assessed of the schizophrenia patient. The outcome of the intergroup comparison showed that patients with schizophrenia show a decline in multiple The Tinkertoy Test (TTT) revised version subitems and Idea Fluency Task (IFT) Task-modified response number in the divergent thinking tasks. Furthermore, the result of a logistic regression analysis concerning the items that showed a decline indicated intergroup discrimination for TTT revised version name and IFT Task-modified response number. Subsequently, in the intragroup comparison of patients with schizophrenia, there was a positive correlation between positive symptoms and Design Fluency Test (DFT) Score. From these outcomes, we suggest that patients with schizophrenia tend to score lower on divergent thinking tasks, and that among the divergent thinking tasks, the TTT revised version and IFT are capable of measuring independent cognitive functions that are less susceptible to the influence of psychological symptoms.

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