Departmental Bulletin Paper 高等学校における言語活動の研究(2)-リスニング活動の実態と展望-
A Language Activity in a Senior High School Focused on Listening Activity -Present Situation and Development-

米津, 明彦 / 小倉 美津夫

 The purpose of this paper is to examine the present situation of teaching listening in senior high schools and clarify the effective ways to improve it. The former part shows the result of questionnaires answered by senior high school teachers. It reveals that most of the teachers just let their students answer listening questions based on training books for the examinations within ten minutes approximately. They need new ideas to renew the ways of teaching listening. The latter part explains that, due to the comparative difficulty of listening among four skills, the introduction of the listening strategies is needed in classrooms. In addition, three steps are necessary in listening activities to make them effective. Several useful techniques are followed as well, which could be references for teachers to revise their teaching ways.

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