Departmental Bulletin Paper 日本における幼児期の音楽表現に関する基礎的研究(1)-山田耕筰作品から考える音の高低あそび-
Fundamental Study on Musical Expression in Early Childhood in Japan (1) -High- and Low-pitched Sound Game Considering the Work of Kosaku Yamada-

笹谷, 朋世

 Kosaku Yamada, a Japanese representative composer, created approximately 700 excellent Japanese songs. However, composition of these songs was a continuous process of trial and error. A composition method along with characteristics of Japanese language (pitch accent) did not exist in Japan in those days; therefore Kosaku established his composition method by making himself a testing ground. Around the same time in Germany, Dr. Carl Orff, a composer and musical educator, started a new attempt in the field of musical education along with his composition activities. In this paper, we focused on the philosophy: "'rhythm' and 'melody' in music is generated from words [mother tongue]" from the philosophy of musical education developed by Orff to develop a new Orff method in Japan, through fundamental understanding and reorganization of characteristics of Japanese language (pitch accent) and by tracing the process of Kosaku to compose Japanese songs. Importance to experience the sense of pitch accent as the characteristics of Japanese language in music is clarified, which is incorporated as "high- and lowpitched sound game" in activities of musical expression in early childhood, and a daily and casual instruction method of musical expression as an extension of game is clarified.

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