Departmental Bulletin Paper 児童のパーソナリティと積極的授業参加行動-主要5因子性格検査を用いた検討-
Big Five Personality Traits and Elementary School Pupils' Positive Participation in Classes

小平, 英志 / 布施 光代 / 安藤 史高

10pp.39 - 47 , 2018-01-31 , 日本福祉大学子ども発達学部
 The purpose of this research was to investigate relationships between Big Five personality traits and positive participation in classes by elementary school pupils. Pupils (n=1672, 3rd to 6th grade) completed questionnaires about Big Five personality (Survey A; conscientiousness, extroversion, and agreeableness, Survey B; openness and neuroticism)and positive participation in class, including eye contact and listening (EL), raising the hand and talking (RT), and preparation and homework (PH). Results indicated that Big Five personality traits were positively related to positive participation in class, except for the relationship between extroversion and PH. Moreover, there were relatively strong associations between conscientiousness and EL, agreeableness and EL, extroversion and RT, and openness and RT.

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