Departmental Bulletin Paper 障害者スポーツ、パラリンピックおよび障害者に対する意識に関する研究 第2報 ~2014年と2016年の比較を中心として~
A study on attitudes toward sports for people with disabilities, Paralympics and people with disabilities II ~ Comparison between findings of the investigation in 2014 and in 2016 ~

藤田, 紀昭

 This study examined the level of recognition of words related to the Paralympics and attitudes toward people with disabilities and sports for people with disabilities in an internet survey of ordinary people. The questionnaire is the same as the one that used in the investigation carried out in 2014 after Sochi Paralympic games. This investigation was implemented in December, 2016 after Rio de Janeiro Paralympics. The number of people who responded to the survey was 2,066. As a result, the ratio of people saying that they knew the event names such as "boccia", "goal ball", "Para badminton" increased from the previous investigation. However, there were very few people who knew about the technical terms particular to sports for people with disabilities, such as a classifier and the guide runner. These did not change since the last survey. An increase of awareness about with disabilities and sports for people with disabilities was not seen since the last survey. The results also did not show big change in expectation regarding the legacy left by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. It is important that fixed point findings like these be determined to see the changes left by the legacy of Paralympics games. These investigations should be done continuously in future.

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