Departmental Bulletin Paper 遺伝子ドーピングの形而上学:遺伝子を操作することの道徳性をめぐって
Metaphysics of genetic doping:on the morality of genetic engineering

竹村, 瑞穂

 Issues related to the use of genetic engineering in therapy and enhancement are currently attracting public attention. The sports community has promptly responded to these questions, for example, by holding a workshop on genetic doping in 2002. Although doping technology and the underlying medical and scientific techniques have been evolving rapidly, their ethical aspects have not yet been discussed in sufficient depth. In this study, we clarified the specific ethical problems inherent in genetic doping by examining the ethical problems surrounding genetic engineering and genetic doping. In addition, we focused on the moral status of genes to discuss whether we should allow their manipulation, a fundamental theme of research in genetic engineering.

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