Departmental Bulletin Paper 統合失調症患者に対するTinker Toy Testの有用性の予備的検討
Usefulness of Tinker Toy Test for Schizophrenic Patients: A Pilot Study

中村, 泰久  ,  穴水, 幸子  ,  山中, 武彦  ,  石井, 文康  ,  三村, 將

20pp.9 - 18 , 2017-03-30 , 日本福祉大学健康科学部, 日本福祉大学健康科学研究所
 This is the pilot study in order to verify the usability of Tinker Toy Test (TTT). Participants were assigned to schizophrenia and control groups based on propensity scores which was computed using confounding factors. Neuropsychological testing for basic information, TTT, and others was performed in order to compare between two groups, and logistic regression analysis was used to assess the difference between them according to the items which showed significant differences in the neuropsychological test. The ecological validity was evaluated based on correlation of TTT and Life Skill Profile (LSP) in the schizophrenia group, and we examined if TTT is useful for divergent thinking in schizophrenia as the Executive Function Performance Test. As a result of neuropsychological testing, items which showed differences between two groups were the Japanese-BACS score for "attention and information processing" and TTT score for "processes of task performance." Logistic regression analysis using the above two items showed 92% of correct classification. Furthermore, correlation analysis was performed in the items with TTT scores for "processes of task performance" and "task evaluation," TTT composite score, and LSP score, which showed moderate to high correlation. Therefore, the ecological validity of TTT was confirmed by our study.

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