Departmental Bulletin Paper キーワードから見る社会福祉学部学生の英語学習意識と教育効果
 An Observation through Keywords on the Students' Motivations for Learning English and the Educational Effects of a Practical Approach to English Conversation: A Case Study of the Students of the Faculty of Social Welfare

福本, 陽介

 The students in my classes have lessons in practical English conversation. I have investigated their motivations for learning English and their communication competence for four years (2012-2015). The questionnaires that the students answered have proved that their interests in English conversation and communication with classmates had been developed within three months from starting the course. What is worth noting is that the same result has been observed through these four years, suggesting that the students of the Faculty of Social Welfare from different years may have the similar characteristics. This paper reveals it, abstracting some keywords from their free descriptions in the questionnaires, and argues that the class management may have positive effects on students' development, taking into account their characteristics.

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