Departmental Bulletin Paper 自主防災組織の内発的発展に向けた課題と大学生の可能性-美浜町北奥田地区・美浜緑苑地区を事例として-
Endogenous Development of Voluntality Organaization for Disaster Prevention and Potentiality of University Students-The case of Kitaokuda area,Mihamaryokuen area in MihamaTown-

下本, 英津子

This paper shows the problem when voluntarily organization for disaster prevention try to develop endogenously, and the potentiality of the role of university students. Now a days it is said that there is a high possibility of Nankai megathrust earthquakes, therefore endogenous development of disaster prevention by the local people is required. In the case of Kitaokuda area Mihamaryokuen area in Mihama town shows that there are necessary of considering the awareness of disaster dangerousness and re-organizing local community for it. For those commitments, it is important that outside people may cooperate and participate in local activities. In my opinion, university student can be the position of this outside people. Because they are temporary inhabitants, practical academic student and can be potential cooperator in local activities.

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