Departmental Bulletin Paper 他者軽視傾向と一般的パーソナリティ─ビッグファイブとの関連の性差に注目して─
Undervaluing Others and Its Relationship to Gender and Big Five Personality Traits
タシャ ケイシ ケイコウ ト イッパンテキ パーソナリティ ビッグファイブ トノ カンレン ノ セイサ ニ チュウモク シテ

小平, 英志  ,  Hideshi, Kodaira

Past studies have indicated a positive relationship between the tendency to undervalue others with lack of coordination and emotional instability. However, gender differences in this relationship have remained unexplored. Therefore, the relationship between undervaluing others with differences in gender and Big Five personality traits was investigated. Participants were Japanese university students (N=281). Big Five personality traits were assessed by using FFPQ-50 (Five Factor Personality Questionnaire 50-items) and TIPI-J (Japanese version of the Ten-Item Personality Inventory). Correlation analysis and multiple group structural equation modeling were conducted on the scale scores. Results indicated that undervaluing others was negatively related with agreeableness (attachment), which supported findings of previous studies. Furthermore, undervaluing others and conscientiousness (controlling) were positively correlated in women, but negatively correlated in men. Moreover, female participants with high undervaluing others scores and high self-esteem scores had the highest conscientiousness score. These results suggest overestimating of the conscientiousness would occurred from highly undervaluing others on women. The dissatisfaction with others in women with high self-esteem is discussed.

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