Departmental Bulletin Paper 筆記が困難な子ども達における諸問題と代替手段の提案
Writing Difficulties of Children with Physical Disabilities and Proposal of the Alternative Method
ヒッキ ガ コンナンナ コドモタチ ニオケル ショモンダイ ト ダイタイ シュダン ノ テイアン

渡辺, 崇史  ,  宇野, 伸一郎  ,  大場, 和久  ,  宮田, 美和子  ,  Takashi, Watanabe  ,  Shinichiro, Uno  ,  Kazuhisa, Oba  ,  Miwako, Miyata

The purpose of this work is to reveal problems of children with physical disabilities when writing numerical expression and to propose a note-taking software as one of the alternative methods, which is for elementary and junior high school students. To accomplish this, first, interview about writing in arithmetic and mathematics was conducted to students and adults with physical disabilities, teachers of special needs education and staff of welfare facilities. Then, the prototype of the software was also demonstrated to them and received the feedback. Second, the measurement of speed in writing equations and fractions was performed by students with physical disabilities. The results showed the specifications that are required in note-taking software. It was found that the activity of writing calculation formulas by their hand affected excessive burden to persons with physical disabilities and was suggested that is not essential in learning. In future work, we will make the software and will consider case studies.

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