Departmental Bulletin Paper ロコモマットトレーニングが高齢者の体力および認知機能に及ぼす影響に関する研究
Locomo-mat exercises influences physical and cognitive functions in the elderly
ロコモ マット トレーニング ガ コウレイシャ ノ タイリョク オヨビ ニンチ キノウ ニ オヨボス エイキョウ ニカンスル ケンキュウ

原田, 妙子  ,  山本, 芳樹  ,  比田井, 隆雄  ,  Taeko, Harada  ,  Toshiki, Yamamoto  ,  Takao, Hidai

Preventing falls, declined locomotor and cognitive functionsare critical factors for maintaining independent life in older adults. Exercise intervention is known to bring a beneficial effect in their life. Here, we examined whether a home-based exercise using Locomo-mat affects physical and cognitive functions in elderlyor not. We measured physical performance tests (balance, time up and go test and walking speed) and cognitive test (working memory and dual task performances) in twenty-four older people. Twelve-subjects inthe exercise group performedfifteen minutes of Locomo-mat training about three times per week, whereasother subject in the control group did not perform any particular trainings. After two months of training, the exercise group significantly improved in balance, walking speed and dual task performances than in the control group. The results demonstratethat the home-based Locomo-mat exercise may be useful training for preventing age-related physical and cognitive decline in the elderly.

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