Departmental Bulletin Paper 作業と身体の現象学 統合失調症者の精神病理を手がかりに
Occupation and Phenomenology of the Body A Consideration based on Psychopathology of the Schizophrenia Patients
サギョウ ト カラダ ノ ゲンショウガク トウゴウ シッチョウショウシャ ノ セイシン ビョウリ オ テガカリ ニ

田口, 修  ,  Osamu, Taguchi

This article considered possibility of the recovery in the occupational therapy of the Schizophrenia Patients by paying its attention to the phenomenological embodiment. In consideration of the concrete psychopathology and problem of the Schizophrenia Patients, I examined importance of the foundation and a possibility of the treatment of the Occupation transcendental composition based on phenomenological analysis about the Carpenter Saw Activity.

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