Departmental Bulletin Paper 肢体不自由児向け数式エディタ latexkbd
A formula editor for children with physical disabilities
シタイ フジユウジ ムケ スウシキ エディタ LATEXKBD

宇野, 伸一郎  ,  渡辺, 崇史  ,  大場, 和久  ,  宮田, 美和子  ,  Shin'ichiro, Uno  ,  Takashi, Watanabe  ,  Kazuhisa, Oba  ,  Miwako, Miyata

We are developing a formula editor for children with physical disabilities. The formula editor named "latexkbd" is designed for students of elementary and junior high schools and can be operated using mouse or single key input. Latexkbd describes not only formula but also reduction of a fraction or calculation with figures. Easiness or number of keys on software keyboard can be adjusted to a learning level or grade of students. In the current version, performance of latexkbd is relatively slow. Before releasing this software, we will extend its functions and reflect field test results.

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