Departmental Bulletin Paper 朝日大学歯学部附属病院歯科口腔外科におけるスポーツに起因した顎顔面骨骨折の現状

渡邉, 一弘  ,  都尾, 元宣  ,  久保田, 崇  ,  笠井, 唯克  ,  足立, 誠  ,  山本, 寛明  ,  岩堀, 正俊  ,  住友, 伸一郎

朝日大学歯学部附属病院歯科口腔外科を2008年4月から2013年3月までの間に受診した、スポーツに起因する顎顔面骨骨折27例の現状について報告する。年齢は12歳~31歳の平均18.8歳であり、性別は男性24例、女性3例で男女比は8:1で男性が多かった。受傷から受診までの期間は受傷当日の来院が13例、受傷後1日目が5例、2~7日目が5 例、14日目以上経過が4例であった。来院経路は紹介受診が14例、直接受診が13例であった。スポーツ種目は野球12例、ラグビー5例、ホッケー4例、空手2例、スノーボード2例、バスケットボール1例、ハンドボール1例であった。受傷原因は、ボールによる受傷が12例、競技者同士の接触による受傷が11例、競技者の持つ競技用器具による受傷が2例、転倒による受傷が2例であった。骨折部位は下顎骨単独が15例と最も多く、次いで上顎骨単独が5例であった。処置内容は観血的整復固定術が14例、非観血的整復固定術が10例、経過観察が3例であった。In our institution (Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Asahi University Hospital), from April 2008 to March 2013, we examined 27 patients with maxillofacial fractures due to sports. Patients were aged between 12 and 31 years (median age, 18.8 years). Twenty-four were male (male-to-female ratio, 8:1). Thirteen patients visited for medical examination on the same day of the injury, 5 patients visited on the day after the injury, and 5 patients visited within 2-7 days after the injury, while 4 patients took more than 14 days after the injury to visit for medical examination. Fourteen patients were referred from another hospital, while the others visited the Asahi University hospital directly. Twelve of the sports injuries occurred during baseball, 5 during rugby, 4 during hockey, 2 during karate, 2 during snowboarding, 1 during basketball, and 1 during handball. Twelve of the maxillofacial fractures were due to the individual being hit by a ball, 11 were due to collision between athletes, 2 were due to failure of athletic equipment, and 2 were due to tumbling accidents. Mandibular fracture was the most common injury (15 patients), with maxillary injury ranking second (5 patients). Open reduction and internal fixation were performed for 14 patients, conservative treatment was performed for 5 patients, and only follow-up was performed for 3 patients.

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