Departmental Bulletin Paper ガルシン「信号」を読む英語の授業 -どう準備され、設計され、行われ、総括されたか-
Reading Class of the English Text of Garshin’s The Signal -How It Was Prepared, Designed, Conducted and Reviewed-

山田, 昇司

This article is, in a way, a record of my English teaching in which I used the story of Garshin’s The Signal . It means that I wrote here in detail how the lesson was prepared, designed, conducted and reviewed. And at the same time I also analyzed in the light of pedagogical aspect the following points : the requirements of good material for English teaching, the relation between worksheet form and the designing of 90 minutes, the important role of translation for training thinking power, etc. The description starts from how I met this story. I was then reading a couple of Russian writers that are said to have influenced DAZAI Osamu, a Japanese writer, and encountered this story. I was deeply moved by the story that I strongly wanted to use it in my English class. What I had to do first was to find out the English text. I successfully met three English versions and chose one for my teaching material, though some lines were replaced by the other one for some reasons. For this reading material I devised a new type of worksheet so that my students could learn by themselves, both in translation and pronunciation. And next I designed the 90 minutes lesson like this : the first 30 minutes for translation, the second 40 minutes for reading aloud and the last 20 minutes for copying English and Japanese in phrase unit. After the translation was over, I gave the students a reading report, a kind of an assignment in which they write their own thoughts and feelings. I picked out a few good essays and made worksheets for writing. This worksheet had two roles : one is to learn how to change word (very often phrase) order from Japanese to English, and the other is to think again the true meaning of the story. I found among the students’eaasys a very impressive one that made me change my earlier views on the theme of the story. Lastly I want to say that this lesson has contibuted to fostering global citizens in any way because Russian writers are seldom seen in English textbooks. I believe that the students have realized that people are moved in the same way even if their nationalities differ.

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