Departmental Bulletin Paper ジョルジョ・アガンベンの権力論
The power theory of Giorgio AGAMBEN

遠藤, 孝

52 ( 1 )  , pp.175 - 185 , 2018-02-01 , 湘南工科大学
In this paper, I examined the power theory of Agamben. With the end of his "Homo Sacer" project in 2014, it is to reconstitute the theory of power there. He argues about power using concepts such as sovereign power, state of exception, thresholds, exclusion - inclusion, and bare life. These concepts are discussed in his own viewpoint of connecting classical ancient and modern. In reviewing his debate, I examined criticism against him and its effectiveness. Furthermore, the possibility of new politics raised by Agamben was considered from the concept of destituent power.

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