Departmental Bulletin Paper 臨床心理士による「授業観察」を通した支援の可能性 -特別の支援を必要とする児童生徒の早期発見とコンサルテーションを中心に-
Using “Class Observations” as a means of support by clinical psychologists -Primary by the early discovery of special needs students and consultation and solutions for them.

太田, 静男  ,  岡田, 珠江

52 ( 1 )  , pp.159 - 173 , 2018-02-01 , 湘南工科大学
A school counselor does many kinds of things to help students, parents and other teachers. In this study we tried various practical means including class observations. These observations took place on a regular schedule. They occurred of the same time and day of the week through at one full academic semester at a public junior high school. This was a new approach mainly because it was so comprehensive. This articles has two main purposes. First, we clearly state the conditions of this new way of performing this kind of study. Secondly we believe that this new approach can lead to an early discovery of and possible solutions for the cases that are being considered. But we feel that these observations are applicable outside of this at specific setting. Analyzing unconscious behavior among other kinds of students can be helpful to teachers of other subjects besides special education.

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