Departmental Bulletin Paper 1960 年代の高等学校における技能連携および技術高校の制度とその教育課程
The curriculum on the cooperation system between high school and vocational training in the 1960' Japan

市山, 雅美

52 ( 1 )  , pp.117 - 132 , 2018-02-01 , 湘南工科大学
In the 1960' Japan, junior high school graduate labors studied in part time highschool as having technical training in the company. But high school education and technical training overlapped each other. So the government started ginō renkei (cooperation on technical education) system. In ginō renkei system, high schools gave the credit to technical training in companies. By applying ginō renkei system in some high school, the student could get all the credits on industry. In the subjects on mechanical technology, mechanical material and engine,etc., ginō renkei system was often used. But in the subjects on mechanical design and mechanical measurement,etc., ginō renkei system was rarely used.

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