Departmental Bulletin Paper BOS 法を用いた軸対称模型周りにおける非定常衝撃波の3次元定量計測
Quantitative 3-D measurement of unsteady shockwaves around an axial symmetry model using the BOS method

稲毛, 達朗  ,  伊藤, 拓海  ,  太田, 匡則

52 ( 1 )  , pp.13 - 18 , 2018-02-01 , 湘南工科大学
In our previous study unsteady flow field including shockwave and vortexes were visualized by using the BOS (Background oriented schlieren) method. Our BOS measurement systems has consisted a digital camera, a background of the stripe pattern and a LED flash lamp. We have used a diaphragmless shock tube to produce shockwave and vortex. The shockwave have been released to the atmosphere from the high-pressure chamber (405.2kPa) and collide the axial symmetry model. A drive and gas for the shock tube are used air. The axial symmetry model are used the cone model. In our previous study, we have developed the automatic image processing for the BOS measurement and the parallel simulated annealing computed tomography (PSACT) reconstruction technique for an unsteady flow field including shockwaves. The PSACT reconstruction technique is the efficient algorithm for the simulated annealing computed tomography (SACT) reconstruction technique using the compute unified device architecture (CUDA). We constructed the three dimensional displacement distributions from measurement images which got by using the stripe pattern BOS (SP-BOS) measurement using PSACT reconstruction technique. In this paper, we have evaluated the measurement accuracy of the 3-D reconstruction result which got by PSACT reconstruction technique using SP-BOS measurement results.

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