Departmental Bulletin Paper 社会貢献活動における教育効果についての研究 ~実習の開始前と開始後における学生意識の変化~
Educational benefits of the "Social Contribution Program",Changes in student social consciousness at Shonan Institute of Technology

東尾(金井), 淳子  ,  市山, 雅美  ,  湯浅, 将英  ,  水谷, 光

51 ( 1 )  , pp.131 - 146 , 2017-03-31 , 湘南工科大学
This paper reports on changes in student social consciousness through the "Social Contribution Program", which takes place over a fifteen-hour timeframe throughout a semester. The data was collected through a paper questionnaire during at the start and the midway points and analyzed for changes in social consciousness, especially in the field of motivation. In contrast to the image of enthusiastic students filled with a spirit of volunteering, the main question of this research was to find the extent to which students joined the program out of less altruistic reasons, for example to increase credit. In addition, the aim was to ascertain how the program could help students to make meaning out of the experience through integrating with other volunteers for a common goal. Initially, the statistics indicate that many students reported that their primary motivation wasfor credit, but interestingly, by the mid-way point, their responses indicate more socially driven motivations. This change in mindset alone clearly demonstrates that this kind of holistic education provided by the program has a profound effect on the students.

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