Departmental Bulletin Paper 切断した乾電池の放電特性
The discharge characteristic of a cut dry cell

櫻井, 勇良

50 ( 1 )  , pp.23 - 28 , 2016-03-31 , 湘南工科大学
本研究では,切断した乾電池の電気特性(放電特性)に着目し,実証例を得るために実験を行なった.乾電池の両電極を約半分に切断しても起電力は,半分にはならない.ボタン型電池の場合、約半分に電極を切断しても未処理の起電力とほとんど同じであった.R6 乾電池の場合,約半分に電極を切断すると未処理の場合に比べて,端子電圧が~20 %小さくなる.R6 乾電池の両電極の間の部分を切断すると状況によって端子電圧が変化し,正極が残っている乾電池の端子電圧は,未処理の場合の長さに比べて約25 %以下に短くなると大きく減少した.負極が残っている乾電池の端子電圧は,切断した長さに関係なく未処理の場合とほとんど同じであった.
In this study an experiment was carried out in order to demonstrate the electrical characteristic (discharge characteristic) of cut up dry cells. The electromotive force does not become half the original, even if the two electrodes of a dry cell are cut about in half. In the case of a button type battery, the electromotive force was almost equal to the original value of the uncut dry cell, even if the electrodes were cut about in half. In the case of the R6 dry cell, cutting the electrodes about in half decreased the electromotive force by ~20%. The electromotive force changes depending on the situation, for example, when part of the two electrodes of an R6 dry cell are cut off. In the case of the dry cell in which the positive electrode remained, the electromotive force greatly decreased to about 25% or less then the strength of the electromotive force of the untreated.

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