Departmental Bulletin Paper Education, Science, Knowledge, and Values

Williams, Alan P.

26pp.93 - 134 , 2016-03 , 福岡女学院大学
Natural science has made great strides in uncovering the laws and principles that undergird natural phenomena. From the behavior of subatomic particles and the function of cells to the nature of outermost stars and galaxies, science has helped elucidate a vast amalgam of theoretical issues which in the past baffled the human intellect for its unfathomable mystery and depth. Given the spectacular progress of science, it is quite understandable for disciplines outside science to seek objective and reliable knowledge by emulating the method of scientific inquiry. Alongside such disciplines like medicine and psychology, education has sought to improve the quality of teaching and learning by adopting the canons of scientific research. Though this trend in educational research has to an extent bettered our understanding of effective pedagogical practice, science cannot and wonʼt solve many of the conundrums teachers daily face inside the classroom. As this paper will argue, this is partly because education raises fundamental questions of value that are beyond the purview of science.

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