Journal Article 神経障害後の脊髄後角におけるシナプス伝達の変化 : 膜電位イメージング法を用いて
Evaluation of Changes in Synaptic Transmission in Spinal Dorsal Horn Using Voltage-sensitive Dye Imaging Technique
シンケイ ショウガイ ゴ ノ セキズイ コウカク ニ オケル シナプス デンタツ ノ ヘンカ マクデンイ イメージング ホウ オ モチイテ

五月女, 俊也  ,  Toshiya, Saotome  ,  獨協医科大学 麻酔科学  ,  Department Of Anesthesiology, Dokkyo Medical University

43 ( 1 )  , pp.51 - 58 , 2016-03-25
The effect of spinal synaptic change on development of neuropathic pain remains unclear. To determine the effect of sciatic nerve ligation on excitatory synaptic transmission in the spinal dorsal horn, we observed the optical images of fluorescent changes induced by electrical stimulation using voltage-sensitive dye. The sciatic nerve partial ligation was performed in 6 to 8 weeks male ICR mice, according to Seltzer's method under halothane anesthesia. The spinal slices were prepared one week after ligation, and incubated for 20 min with a di-4-ANEPPS to use optical imaging. After rinsing, the slices were placed into the recording chamber on the microscope stage and perfused by Krebs' solution. Fluorescent changes of di-4-ANEPPS in the spinal dorsal horn were measured using MiCAM02. During the observation, bicuculline, strychnine, CNQX and APV were perfused. The fluorescent changes in the dorsal horn were reduced by perfusion of CNQX and APV. The fluorescent changes were predominant in ligated mice compared to control mice. The blockade of CNQX and APV on excitatory synaptic transmissions was incomplete. These results suggested the implication of excitatory synaptic transmission except AMPA or NMDA were suspected.

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