Departmental Bulletin Paper Advantage of Long Ileus-tube Placement by Gastrostomy for Treating Patients with Refractory Intestinal Obstruction 

DATE Hiromi:筆頭著者:責任著者  ,  MURAKAMI Masahiko  ,  WATANABE Makoto  ,  GOTO Satoru  ,  YAMAZAKI Kimiyasu  ,  FUJIMORI Akira  ,  ENAMI Yuta  ,  OTSUKA Koji  ,  AOKI Takeshi

28 ( 1 )  , pp.31 - 37 , 2016-03 , Showa University Society
Maintaining a long transnasal ileus tube for a long period can be quite painful for patients such as in those with refractory intestinal obstruction and peritonitis carcinomatosa and it can markedly decrease quality of life (QOL) due to unexpected respiratory complications associated with the tube placement. To mitigate such complications, we undertook a trial insertion of a long ileus tube by gastrostomy in five patients with refractory intestinal obstruction (four cases of peritonitis carcinomatosa and one case of chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction). We inserted the transgastric ileus tube using a percutaneous gastrostomy catheter kit after puncture with a plastic skin (PS) needle covered with a protective sheath, and then endoscopically placed the tube beyond the ligament of Treitz. Subsequently, we removed the long transnasal ileus tube, and comparable decompression was achieved. In all cases, the entire procedure was easily performed with no complications. Moreover, patients experienced reduced pain and stress and they were able to regain some freedom during activity.

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