Departmental Bulletin Paper Clinical Statistics for Dysphagia Patients ≦ 18 Years of Age in the Center of Special Needs Dentistry, April 2012-March 2013

OGAWA Ayano:筆頭著者  ,  ISHIKAWA Toshikazu  ,  MORITA Yu  ,  ISHIKAWA Kentaro:責任著者  ,  WATANABE Masahiro  ,  OOKA Takafumi  ,  UTSUMI Akemi  ,  KUBOTA Kazumi  ,  TOMITA Kaori  ,  TAKAHASHI Mari  ,  ISHIZAKI Akiko  ,  ISHIDA Keigo  ,  MURAKAMI Kohji  ,  TAKAGI Daisuke  ,  OSAKABE Luna  ,  ASAMI Takuya  ,  EBUCHI Asari  ,  MUKAI Yoshiharu  ,  HIRONAKA Shouji

27 ( 3 )  , pp.175 - 183 , 2015-09 , Showa University Society
In April 2012, the Center of Special Needs Dentistry (SND) was established at Showa University Dental Hospital to provide function training for children with eating and swallowing disorders. A statistical clinical assessment was performed on new patients ≤18 years of age who visited the Center over a 1-year period (April 2012–March 2013) to assess the conditions present at the initial visit. In all, 60 patients (29 boys, 31 girls, mean (± SD) age 4.2±4.1 years, range 0-18 years of age) were included in the study. Most patients were <1 year of age (32%) and most came from one of four cities in the Johnan area (Shinagawa City, Meguro City, Ota City and Setagaya City). The most common primary diseases at the initial visit were cerebral palsy and cleft lip and palate. The third largest patient group was of healthy children with oral function problem. Over 60% of patients attended the Center of SND because of an eating-related complaint. More than 50% of patients were obtaining nutrients via oral intake; the remaining patients were obtaining nutrients via non-oral or a combination of oral and non-oral intake. Because of the young age of the patients and the fact that most were from neighboring areas, it can be inferred that effective community health care is being provided. It is necessary for the Center of SND to continue to provide professional treatment for dysphagia and to contribute to community medicine.

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