Departmental Bulletin Paper Novel Removable Keeper System for Magnetic Attachments on Overdenture Abutments

TAKEUCHI Sawako:筆頭著者:責任著者  ,  SATO Yuji  ,  NATHANSON Dan  ,  KITAGAWA Noboru  ,  KINOSHITA Yoshiki  ,  KAJITA Tadahiko

27 ( 2 )  , pp.137 - 142 , 2015-06 , Showa University Society
Magnetic attachments are being increasingly used for removable dental prostheses, mainly because they are relatively simpler to use than other attachments, and they show good retention and stability. However, this approach poses some problems. In patients undergoing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) procedures, the presence of magnetic structures and keepers may cause artifacts that hinder the diagnosis. We therefore aimed to develop a technique that could reduce the damage caused to dental roots and root caps during removal of the magnetic keepers. A modified keeper tray and custom-made metallic guide bar were used for root cap fabrication. The retrieval hole of the root caps was made from the bottom of the keeper tray to the labial side of the root. A special crown remover was then inserted into the retrieval hole and rotated to facilitate removal of the magnetic keepers through the hole without causing damage to the root caps. Conclusion: This study describes a new technique that uses a keeper tray along with magnetic attachments for overdentures to enable simple removal of the keeper without causing damage.

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