Departmental Bulletin Paper 想像性から創造性への教育 : 音楽によるアンサンブル教育の重要性
Turning student's Imagination into Creation : On the importance of the Ensemble skills through the music education

今井, 敏勝

In the present society, we are faced with a number of issues. As the pace of societycontinually speeds up, our younger members of society must learn the way to find the energynecessary to live. The economy constantly grows but we lose other aspects of a well balancedsociety. However, we never lose our natural human spirit that we all have inside.In this research, I will show the results that prove that performing tasks in an ensemble cannurture imagination and improve creative abilities. In the case of a musical ensemble, skills ofsuch that are needed in all areas of society improve, as well as a foundation made for interpersonalskills vital to our future.

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