Departmental Bulletin Paper 北海道の在宅90歳以上高齢者における子ども時代の運動の発言特性 : ライフヒストリーを用いたテキストマイニングからの検討
Aspects of Stories about Childhood Exercise among 90 Years and Older People in Hokkaido: A Text Mining Approach in Life Histories with Exercise Experience

小坂井, 留美  ,  永川, ひとみ

The purpose of the present study was to demonstrate aspects of childhood exercises by lifehistories using text mining among community-dwelling older people in Hokkaido. The participantswere 5 people aged 90 years and older( age range: 90−98 years). They were interviewed abouttheir life history and exercise experience. Also their health-related quality of life( MOS 36-ItemShort-Form Health Survey), depression( The Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale)and cognitive conditions( Mini Mental State Examination) were measured by questionnaire. Textmining was performed using the IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys ver. 4.0.1. After extractingconcepts, 2467 words were identified from all texts, then 86 key sentences were extracted based onconcepts related with activities( "exercise"", sports" and" play") and early life stage( "childhood"and" school"). The key sentences were frequently related with positive emotions such as" good","satisfactory"", enjoyable"", good news"", expectation" and" like". The 13 sentences that includedthe word" exercise" were unrelated to actual exercise experiences, but the word" sports festival"was related with" enjoyable". Some sentences had the meaning of a change in exercise habitsbetween earlier and later life stages. These results suggested that exercise and playing activities inchildhood may contribute to positive emotions. The word" exercise" may be related with positiveemotions through intermediate factors. Further studies are needed for revealing the factors.

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