Departmental Bulletin Paper <論考> 天井板崩落は予知できた--笹子トンネル現地計測を終えて
<Article> The Ceiling panel collapse in the Sasago Tunnel could have been predicted : Results of onsite measurements
ロンコウ テンジョウバン ホウラク ハ ヨチ デキタ ササゴ トンネル ゲンチ ケイソク ヲ オエテ


68 ( 3 )  , pp.1 - 19 , 2017-09-15
On 17 April 2017, the Committee for Discovering the Truth about the Sasago Tunnel (representative: Yuji Miyake) conducted a survey within the Sasago Tunnel. The results suggest that the catastrophic collapse of ceiling panels that occurred on 2 December 2012 was largely attributeable to the design and construction of the A-3 emergency parking zone within the L cross section of the Tokyo-bound lane on the Otsuki side. A sequential explanation is given below. This article summarizes reports and materials from the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport's "Investigation and Examination Committee for the Tunnel Ceiling Panel Collapse"(2013), a paper by Mitsue Shusa outlining the design and execution of the tunnel at the time of its construction(1974), and my own papers publishied since the accident occurred(2013-2017).

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