Departmental Bulletin Paper <研究ノート> 産官学連携事業における中小企業が抱える問題 --大阪市東淀川区を事例として-- (人間科学部特集号:谷行博教授退職記念号)
<Research Notes> The Problem of Industry-Government-Academia Cooporation for Small Enterprises : The Case of Higashiyodogawa-ward, Osaka (Speical Issue of the Faculty of Human Sciences ; Studies Presented to Prof. Yukihiro Tani on his Retirement)
ケンキュウノート サンカンガク レンケイ ジギョウ ニ オケル チュウショウ キギョウ ガ カカエル モンダイ オオサカシ ヒガシヨドガワク ヲ ジレイ トシテ ニンゲン カガクブ トクシュウゴウ タニ ユキヒロ キョウジュ タイショク キネンゴウ


67 ( 6 )  , pp.95 - 108 , 2017-03-31
This report aims to clarify the current situation and issues of the industry, government and academia cooporation business for small and medium-sized enterprises in the sustainable development. The purpose of this study is to understand the current state of the business establishments and the demand for local government in Higashiyodogawa Ward, Osaka city, firstly. And I consider the cross-industry exchange programs (the building of the region brand, etc.) to support industry-government-academia collaboration for the sustainable development in this ward. As a research method, a questionnaire survey was conducted for all the establishments located in this ward.As a result, it was found that most of enterprises recoverd their sales after Lehman shock in 2008. And this tendency is strong in large companies. In addition, it was found that many enterprises keep their successors. They have a positive trend about the expansion into new business areas. However, for the small-sized enterprises, they have not the proposing force that cultivate new customers and build their own planning. Though a part of the enterprises are interacting with some external operators, the most of the enterprises are not enough to commit to the higher institutions and their community. In this ward, it revealed that the role as converter to connect the variety actor is essential.In this survey, it was fouund that their companies have the favorable opinion with respect to the implementation of regional brand-building business through industry- government- academia cooperation. To enhance the value of regional brands, local government must conduct own project consistent with the needs of their enterprises. The project can be a source of competitiveness of enterprises. The proximity adjacent to the central Osaka will be very advantageous to the brand-building. In cooperation with enterprises which has aggressive motivation against the participation, local government needs to be well-known to the enterprises about the effectiveness of the industry-government-academia cooporation project.

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