Departmental Bulletin Paper <研究ノート> 離島における甘しゃ糖生産の地域内所得形成効果:地域産業連関表の推計と適用 (経営学部特集号:六浦英文教授退職記念号)
<Research Note> Regional Income Generation Effect of Sugar Sector in the Remote Island Economy: Generation and Application of Regional Input-Output Table (Special Issue of the Faculty of Business Administration ; Studies Presented to Prof. Eibun Mutsuura on his Retirement)
ケンキュウノート リトウ ニ オケル カンシャトウ セイサン ノ チイキナイ ショトク ケイセイ コウカ チイキ サンギョウ レンカンヒョウ ノ スイケイ ト テキヨウ ケイエイ ガクブ トクシュウ ゴウ ムツウラ エイブン キョウジュ タイショク キネンゴウ


66 ( 4 )  , pp.359 - 368 , 2015-11-15
Sugar cane is grown on Japan's southernmost isolated small islands, where it is processed into raw sugar by local companies. The domestic sugar production is protected from foreign sugar imports. One of the reasons for which is that sugar is produced in economically less-favored areas. Then this study analyzed the relationship of sugar sector and regional economy using regional input-output table. The result shows that the sugar sector is a major income source because it generates 0.4-26.3% of gross regional income, while it has a marginal impact on the overall regional economy because the regional multiplier of it is only 1.07-1.25.

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