Journal Article 出産体験に関して母親が伝えた内容と子供が受けとめた内容の相違に関する検討

羽山,美和  ,  柘植,静花  ,  室津,史子

 In this study, we analyzed the content of what the mother told her daughter or son and the story that the child heard from her or his mother about her pregnancy, delivery and infant rearing experience. The subjects were 40 students in the department of nursing in our college and their mothers. We investigated the differences in recognition between mother and child about the story of pregnancy, delivery and infant rearing that the mother told her child. As a result, although the mothers told many things to their children about their knowledge and feelings during the pregnancy, childbirth and child rearing, there were some differences between the content of what the mother told her child and the content conveyed to the child; this may have been caused by the different experiences of pregnancy and delivery of each mother. All mothers told their children not only the pleasure of having a baby and the positive experience of delivery, but also negative feelings, such as anxiety and fear, about the pregnancy, delivery and infant rearing. However, the pleasure of becoming a mother and the gratitude for creating a life are difficult to convey to a child. These findings suggest that nurses need to create opportunities to develop better communication between a mother and her child, and mothers should try to tell their children about the positive aspects of pregnancy and child rearing in a way that will remain in the child’s mind as pleasure and appreciation of having a baby.

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