Journal Article 発達の気になる子どもの 保護者へのかかわりの現状と課題:保育者へのインタビューから

今村,美幸  ,  室津,史子  ,  疋田,結香  ,  森,千智

 We conducted a qualitative and descriptive study on three childcare workers’ perspectives on the present situation and problems in early detection and treatment of children who are suspected of having developmental problems, to clarify their perceptions and involvement with parents of such children. The childcare workers felt that parents’ characteristics varied greatly and that it was difficult for parents to detect their children’s developmental problems. Therefore, they made efforts to remind parents of their children’s problems, looked for the right time to tell them about such problems, built a trusting relationship with parents, and advised them to seek consultation from specialized medical institutions. The childcare workers also felt that they needed to exchange information and collaborate with specialized medical institutions. In the current situation, when childcare workers detect a developmental problem in a child, it is difficult for them to collaborate with a specialized medical institution unless there is a request from the child’s parent. In order to promote early detection and treatment, information exchange, cooperation and collaboration between childcare workers, medical professionals, educators, and health and welfare professionals are required in addition to the medical examinations that are conducted currently.

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