Journal Article 認知症領域における 生活行為向上マネジメント実践の課題

谷川,良博  ,  元田,真一  ,  堀田,牧  ,  松浦,篤子  ,  上田,章弘

 The management tool for daily life performance (MTDLP) is being used mainly by occupational therapists in the fields of physical impairment and senile disorders. On the other hand, the tool has rarely been used in some fields, including that of dementia. In 2016, the Japanese Association of Occupational Therapists investigated the factors responsible for the low frequency of using the tool, and implemented a program aimed at resolving this issue. The author and several other professionals were involved in these activities. A questionnaire was sent to a total of 17 occupational therapists. Based on the results, the low frequency of using the MTDLP in the field of dementia was markedly attributable to dementia-derived characteristics, such as impaired memory. In addition, occupational therapists reported that it was difficult for them to assess the prognoses of dementia patients. The results of our study suggest that, in order to promote the more frequent usage of the tool in the field of dementia, it is necessary to discuss how to manage the transfer from conventional support to support for the families of dementia patients as well as environmental factors, such as those influencing the relationship between them. In addition, occupational therapists suggested that the MTDLP helps them to advance their expertise.

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