Journal Article 国内における認知症の行動・心理症状(BPSD)研究に関する考察とその課題

谷川,良博  ,  丹羽,敦  ,  小川,敬之

 Behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) are symptoms specific to each individual that are influenced by their personality, way of thinking, relationships, surrounding environment, physical disorders, drug prescription, and underlying causes of dementia. Do health care professionals address the issue of individuality in dementia care settings? The present survey aimed to examine what behaviors and remarks of dementia patients were regarded as BPSD by previous studies on dementia treatment and care in Japan. Descriptions of BPSD were extracted from papers involving surveys and reviews on BPSD to create a list of BPSD-related items. Following this, the international classification of functioning (ICF) of the extracted descriptions was implemented to identify fields in which research on BPSD is conducted. The results of the classification suggest that previous studies focused on psychological and physical functions, psychological in particular, as categorized by the ICF, presumably because core symptoms of dementia are closely associated with the psychological function. The results also contribute that BPSD will be prevented or reduced by conducting studies of current functional impairment in dementia patients to identify and address their problems in daily life.

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