Journal Article 介助者負担軽減を目的とした寝返り介助ボードの試作と有効性の検討

大塚,彰  ,  馬屋原,康高  ,  平井,秀雄  ,  甲田,宗嗣  ,  伊藤,祥史  ,  富樫,誠二

With the recent increase in the number of elderly and those requiring care, work-related musculoskeletal disorders have been increasingly focused on. This study aimed to develop a board facilitating caregivers’ assistance with rolling over in bed to reduce their burden and verify its validity by objectively and subjectively evaluating the results. The developed board was designed and shaped adopting a dynamically efficient method to roll over based on the typical lever mechanism, and was shown to be dynamically efficient and reduce the burden of caregiving through the electromyogrambased objective and caregivers’ subjective evaluations.

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