Journal Article 看護学生の恋愛および性役割に対する態度に関する検討

室津,史子  ,  今村,美幸  ,  藤原,梨江  ,  友安,由貴子

For this study, a questionnaire survey was conducted targeting nursing students, who were considered to possess strong and concrete career–mindedness, at a private university in order to review their attitudes towards love, marriage and sex roles. Among the four factors of the attitude towards love, “the power of love” tended to be higher in female students than in male students, while “love for love’s sake” tended to be higher in male students than female students. In terms of egalitarian sex role attitudes, no sex–specific or academic year–specific difference was observed and those with a strong orientation towards traditional sex roles scored higher than those who believe in the egalitarian principle in all factors of the attitude towards love. Male students tended to place an emphasis on the pureness of love, while female students tended to be empowered by love, showing a realistic view in their attitude towards love in their final year before graduation and life as a member of society.

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