Journal Article 中西部アフリカ幼児教育研修の成果と課題:異文化論的視点からの省察とともに

戸谷(戸井),敦子  ,  浜野,隆

 This paper is to report the accomplishments and challenges of the international training program on early child education that invited trainees from the Central and East Africa to Japan. The paper examined the outcomes of program objectives, explored the implications of potentials of Japanese practice in the field of international cooperation, and suggested the plans to improve the results of the program. It was not so easy to identify good practices form theory and practice in the different cultural and socioeconomic context, however, trainees learned knowledge and skills with enthusiasm for the limited three-week term. They had eyes on “learning through playing”, “consideration on individual difference of the mental and physical development”, and “handmade culture.” Those factors are implied as possible Japanese comparative strength. While the questionnaire results showed a certain achievement of the program, various latent needs of trainees were also revealed. Based on the results of the analysis, the paper tried to present the solution on how to answer to those demands in the program.

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