Journal Article 加齢と運動技能自己効力感の関係に関する研究

近藤,敏  ,  西田,征治  ,  竹内,彩  ,  内賀,香保里  ,  山下,美里

Self-Efficacy suggested by Bandura1) is self confidence that it is necessary to achieve of individual goal. Self-efficacy is said other variable than the objective skills. People go down clearly their motor skills by getting old. We researched whether perceived physical self-efficacy is effected of getting old.【Method】We researched with perceived physical self-efficacy scale designed by Ryckman2) for each twenty from the twenties to the eighties, a total of 280 subjects who agreed with this research. We analyzed into age distinctions by Kruskal-Wallis examination.【Results】There is no significant differences beside forties-seventies and forties-eighties on the men.【Discussion】Perceived physical self-efficacy is the variable independence of the age. We consider that this result at the age distinctions followed the concept of self-efficacy. The age don’t necessarily go down perceived physical selfefficacy. This helps with understanding both the promotions and the risks that it is necessary for the old person to act.

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